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Physical Therapy for Shorewood

Physical therapy works hand-in-hand with chiropractic. We’ll combine exercises, stretches, massage and other modalities to get better results, fast. We’re not just getting you out of pain, but will work on helping you be able to function again. Your areas of weakness will be strengthened through our multi-faceted approach. You’ll be able to get back to living your normal life.

Our chiropractor is licensed in physical therapy and has technicians who also help during your therapy.

The VibraCussor® Massage

Massage is done with our VibraCussor® machine. On your first couple of visits, your whole body will be massaged. Once you move into the next phase of care, we’ll concentrate specifically on your problem areas.

Let us address your concerns through our comprehensive approach. Call today!

Physical Therapy for Shorewood, Plainfield, Joliet | (815) 436-1988