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Our Techniques and Services

We’ll take our time to understand your needs. All aspects of your health will be addressed, including nerves, muscles and bones. We’ll make sure you know exactly what we’re doing to address the problem before we begin.

Chiropractic Techniques

Activator Methods®
Palmer Package
Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)

Other Services


There is much we can do naturally to help handle diabetes. By looking at your diet, we’ll control your blood glucose and blood pressure levels. You may be able to reduce your medication intake and also lose weight.

Physical Therapy

You’ll see fast results when we combine chiropractic care with physical therapy. Exercises, massage and other modalities will be combined for effective healing. Read more»

Weight Loss

We can show you natural solutions to losing weight and keeping it off so that you can live a vibrant, active life!

Whole Body Vibration

Our vibration machine will give better results up to three times as quickly . It improves flexibility, reduces muscle soreness, improves balance, increases bone density and has been known to burn fat. Your blood flow will be increased to help with your range of motion, blood circulation and to reduce stress.


If your knees, ankles or low back need support, we’re able to provide bracing for you.

We have many solutions to help you live better. Call today! (815) 436-1988